Hand Rejuventation

Watching our hands age can be distressing — especially when we don’t know what’s going on or how to remedy some of the changes we see with time. Our hands can start looking ‘aged’ more rapidly than any other area  of our body.

So today, we’re going to dive into the everyday reality of aging hands. As a dermatologist with 20 years under my belt, I'll break down why our hands age faster and some things you can do to combat hand aging.

Watch the corresponding YouTube video for a deeper dive on hand rejuvenation. 

The Science Behind Aging Hands

In the video, I discuss in detail the resilience of the uppermost layer of the epidermis, the stratum corneum, how constant trauma affects our hands differently, and why pigmentation irregularities tend to linger longer on the hands than on other parts of our body. 

The skin on our hands behaves differently than the skin on the rest of our body, and therefore will age differently than other areas of our body. Because hand skin is thicker and the transepidermal time is longer, brown spots tend to linger on the back of the hands more than any other areas. 

This, in combination with anatomical changes to the hand (which we will discuss later) contributes to seemingly rapid aging of the hands. 

Tackling Brown Spots with Lasers

Brown spots often mark the beginning of the battle against aging hands. 

One of my favorite laser treatments for brown spots is the Pico laser – which is a reliable option for erasing solar lentigines. Pico lasers can be a game-changer in the quest for hands that defy aging because of their unique mechanism of action. Watch the corresponding YouTube video to understand more about how Pico lasers work for hand rejuvenation. 

Restoring Volume with Biostimulatory Fillers

As our hands age, structural support diminishes, leading to a skeletal appearance. Fat atrophy and thinning skin, among other changes to the structures of our hands are a natural occurrence, but these changes may leave you feeling like you don’t recognize your own hands. 

One of my favorite solutions addressing changes in the structural appearance of the hands is using a biostimulator filler. Biostimulatory fillers, like Radiesse, can restore volume, soften tendons, and bring life back to your hands. Radiesse (not hyper dilute radiesse) is my go to biostimulatory filler for hand rejuvenation.

At-Home Remedies for Texture and Wrinkles

There are many at home remedies you can choose from for hand rejuvenation. Watch the corresponding YouTube Video for more details about at-home remedies and how to do them, from the benefits of a 40% Urea cream to the magic of tretinoin, and daily practices that can contribute to youthful-looking hands.


Hand Wrinkles, Protruding Veins, and Dryness

Protruding veins and hand wrinkles can often be attributed to loss of collagen in the hands. That is where a collagen stimulating laser can be used effectively to reverse the appearance of age on the hands. Fraxel lasers in conjunction with regular at home use of tretinoin can work wonders for the appearance of our hands. 

A Dermatologist's Hand Care Routine

Curious about a dermatologist's personal hand care routine? I've adapted a routine to rejuvenate my hands after years of surgical work. From tretinoin and vitamin C, to sunscreen and Fraxel. I go into depth about my personal hand rejuvenation routine in the corresponding youtube video, along with some simple tips for maintaining hands that defy aging. Make sure to watch it. 


Hand rejuvenation is a practical journey. Find a balance between professional treatments and dedicated at-home care for hands that tell a story of vitality and timeless beauty. We want our hands to match the efforts we make to our face and neck skin. 


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