My goal is to create healthy skin from within. MDAiRE™ technology provides innovative actives, perfected delivery, and stability mechanisms to promote healthy skin on a cellular level.


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On A Cellular Level

MDAiRE™ technology creates optimal cellular function of all skin cells (keratinocytes, fibroblasts, and melanocytes) through all layers of the skin ( the epidermis, the papillary dermis, and the reticular dermis). Key active ingredients and perfected delivery systems ensure healthy skin that starts on a cellular level. Advanced stability of the products provide increased efficiency with real life results.

The blog you’ve been waiting for is finally here… I’ve had Ellacor in my office for a couple of months and can finally report on some early results I’ve seen in my first patients treated with this device!
Last week a video went viral of this woman with a darker fitzpatrick skin type who was severely burned by a BBL treatment. She was administered this treatment by an unqualified esthetician and she experienced third degree burns and was admitted to the ER. She has been left with extreme scarring and hyperpigmentation that will now need to be addressed as a result of a treatment that was supposed to improve her skin.

I’m sure we’ve all seen the skin cycling trend all over social media, but is it worth the hype? Is it the holy grail skin secret that everyone thinks? Let’s break it down!

How To Use MDAiRE™

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