Correct and Protect Duo

This product Duo is specifically created to include two important active ingredients for cellular skin  health and provides benefits to correct previous damage while helping to protect your skin from further damage and signs of aging. 

  • Vitamin C-FK Brightening Complex has L ascorbic acid- the most powerful form of Vitamin C in terms of anti-aging and skin health.  Our proprietary blend of 4 forms of Vitamin C protects the skin by binding reactive oxygen species caused by UV radiation. This product will address hyperpigmentation and brighten the complexion.
  • RXR Retinol Anti-Aging Serum induces healthy replacement of any damaged collagen and elastin fibers which will tighten and smooth the texture of your skin. Our active retinol is encapsulated in a solid lipid, resulting in an anti-inflammatory and anti-irritant formula, which can be used every morning and evening.  

Regular use of our Vitamin C-FK and our RXR Retinol Anti Aging Serum will help protect your skin against damage while correcting any damage already present.  This duo is the perfect introduction of active ingredients to protect and correct your skin on a cellular level. You will see a difference in your complexion after just one month of use. 

These products are bundled together and offer a 10% savings!


  • Vitamin C-FK Brightening Complex (1.0 FL OZ)
  • RXR Retinol Anti-Aging Serum (1.0 FL OZ)

 *Cruelty Free Products made with clean ingredients. Free of parabens, fragrance, and phthalates. *

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