How I look like THIS at 46 (My Anti-Aging Secrets)

I’ll be 50 in 4 years… but I don’t look it. Cosmetic treatments, skincare, surgeries, diet, exercise, supplements, body contouring treatments — I’m exposing all my  anti-agingsecrets for how I look decades younger in my late 40’s. 

In today’s blog, I’ll give you a quick overview of a day in my life and my Anti-Aging Routines. I’ll discuss the supplements I take for anti-aging benefits, my diet and workout routine, and all the aesthetic procedures and surgeries I’ve done in my life and what I do every year to maintain a youthful appearance. 

This post is a summary of my “Day in the Life” Vlog I just uploaded to my YouTube channel. Head over to to see the entire Day in the Life Vlog, where I take you through an entire day with me! 

Anti-Aging Morning Routine

In the morning, I always make sure I have water next to the bed to hydrate first thing upon waking. 

After that, I’ll get ready to head out for my morning workout routine. I workout fasted and practice intermittent fasting for the anit-aging benefits. 

Morning Skincare Routine 

Before I leave for my workout, I always wash my skin. Sometimes people think their skin is clean in the morning, but you should always wash your skin after sleeping!

 Morning Workout

I cycle between spin, barre, and lifting for my morning fasted workouts. Exercising in a fasted state has many documented anti-aging benefits.

Anti-Aging Breakfast Smoothie

After my workout, I usually make my favorite oats, nuts, and berries anti-aging smoothie. There are tons of health benefits in this superfood smoothie. 


- Spinach

- Almond butter

- Chia Seeds

- Oats

- Wild Blueberries or Acai 

- Protein Powder

- Collagen Peptides

- Almond Milk 

Cosmetic & Surgical Treatments I’ve done

In the video, I discuss my treatments and procedures, including lasers, peels, thread lifts, surgeries, and more. Make sure to watch the video if you’re interested in the details of the anti-aging cosmetic treatments and surgical procedures I’ve had.  

Anti-Aging Diet

I stick to a very clean diet consisting of clean healthy proteins and healthy fruits and veggies. I steer clear of inflammatory foods such as dairy and sugar. One of my favorite go-to meals on the go is sashimi sushi for the clean protein. 



I’ve been having Botox for years and I believe it has really contributed to my youthful appearance. After having Botox treatments for so long, I no longer need as much to maintain relaxed facial muscles and stave off wrinkles. 


Earlier in my life, I used a lot more filler than I do now. I’ve switched to using bio-stimulatory fillers more than hyaluronic acid fillers. 


Sculptra is my go-to bio-stimulatory filler. If ever I want to add volume to an area, I prefer to have my body create it’s own collagen through natural regenerative processes. 

Anti-Aging Full Body Skincare (Tretinoin for body)

I use a combination of tretinoin and Cetaphil for keeping the skin on my arms, legs, and abdomen looking youthful.


Anti-Aging Evening Routine

High cortisol levels are a major contributing factor to premature or accelerated aging. I make it a priority every night to have a relaxing wind down routine to de-stress from the daily stresses. 

Evening Skincare Routine

The last part of my anti-aging daily routine is my evening skincare routine. Skin is one of my top priorities in maintaining my youthful appearance. In the corresponding video, I take you through my evening skincare routine and show you how I use my MDAiRE skincare product line to keep my skin looking young.


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