How to snatch up your jawline!

Everyone loves the look of a tight, snatched jawline, but some of us need some help to get it where we want it to be! Some of us are born with hypoplastic chings, or simply a jawline that doesn’t protrude as much as we would like. This can lead to feeling insecure in photos and overall less self confidence than we would like. So let’s talk about some options for snatching up your jawline!


Now, if you know me then you know I’m not a big filler advocate. I feel that we are in an era of over-filled faces, but there is no doubt that filler does have its place for areas like the lips and jawline (for the right candidate). If you have an anatomically ‘weaker’ jawline or chin, or you’re experiencing bone resorption with age, filler can help add volume to your jawline and support the skin on the lower face to give a more snatched, tight appearance.


We can do something called a nefertiti lift. This procedure is where we place about 10 units of botox, per side of the jaw, right under the mandible. This allows the muscle that pulls down on the neck/jaw to soften while allowing the muscle that pulls up to really do its job, thus lifting the skin and giving you more of a structured look. This can be combined with filler or tightening devices to give an optimal result.

Tightening devices

We all know I love my tightening devices! These devices, like Thermage, Ultherapy, and Softwave, stimulate your body’s own regenerative processes to tighten the skin with new collagen and elastin. This is always my preferred method of treatment if it’s appropriate for the patient because you get the most natural looking results while improving the quality of the skin itself. However, be sure to go to someone who is very experienced in these devices because results are very operator dependent!

Thread lifts

Another option, though not my go-to, is thread lifts. They help give a little extra pull above and below the jawline to tighten up the skin and give a more contoured look. Using threads in combination with filler or tightening devices will give the best results.

The most important part of choosing a treatment for your jawline is to know what is causing your dissatisfaction with your jawline (is it loss of volume, sagging skin, etc.) and then choose your treatment based on that.

To find out more about each of these therapies watch my YouTube video below!

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