Rejuvenate with Temple Filler

Have you ever wanted to gain a more youthful, rejuvenated appearance but not known what exactly to do? Read on to find out what one of my favorite treatments is to get a subtle but impactful youthful vibrancy!

As we age the fat and skin around our face shrinks and can lead to a hollow, older, or sickly looking appearance. This can happen purely due to run-of-the-mill aging, or after dramatic weight loss in younger people.

Temple filler is one of my favorite treatments to combat this hollowness and give my patients a bright and rejuvenated appearance without looking like they had anything done. It’s subtle but so impactful!

Oftentimes patients don't come in specifically asking for temple filler, they usually just want to look ‘better’ or more ‘alive’ and a skilled and experienced injector will know when to recommend temple filler for these patients.

How does it look? Glad you asked! Temple filler is usually an undetectable treatment, meaning that you will get compliments about how great you look but no one will be able to put a finger on exactly what (or if!) you had anything done!

It’s important with any procedure to find a well trained injector, but this is especially true for temple filler. Going to a board certified Dermatologist or Plastic Surgeon is always a great idea, but you also want to look for one that is ACGME certified to be sure that they are well versed in advanced injection techniques. The complications that can arise from improperly placed temple
filler include blindness and stroke, among others.

So, not to be the derm police, but it’s incredibly important to find a reputable injector! As always, I recommend a ‘less is more’ approach. You can always add a little more, but removing and dissolving filler is a process you don’t want to find yourself in the middle of, as a patient OR an injector!

Watch my YouTube video below to hear more about my thoughts on this procedure!


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