What’s new in cosmetic dermatology!? Lasers, ellacor, cellulite treatments, and more!

Hi my beauties! I recently attended a conference in San Diego where the best cosmetic doctors in the world gathered to discuss new technology coming into the field. It was such an amazing meeting and I’m so excited to share what I learned with you all!

The first thing I want to say, before I get into the details, is that going forward there will be a lot of focus on the health and quality of the skin! Of course I think the skin should have been the main focus all along, but I’m so excited to hear that we are exiting the ‘overdone’ filler epidemic and moving more into focusing on the skin itself. It’s important that we focus on a well rounded approach to aesthetics, and this includes multiple different types of treatments including lasers, tightening devices, chemical peels, and fillers and injectables as needed as well.

Now let’s talk about devices!


We heard a lot about UltraClear, which is a non ablative laser that is great for pigment, acne scars, and texture. As it’s a lighter treatment you will need a few treatments to get the results of a stronger laser like Fraxel, but the benefit of UltraClear is that you have virtually no downtime and you don’t need numbing! So while the results are similar to Clear & Brilliant, the benefit over C&B is that you won’t need numbing cream because it’s so much more comfortable to the

Fully ablative lasers

Since I opened my practice 3 years ago I haven’t had any fully ablative lasers in my office, simply because I haven’t seen the need for them with my patients until recently. Ablative lasers take out pieces of skin using light, whereas non ablative lasers like Clear & Brilliant don’t remove skin at all. Ablative lasers do require more downtime and after care as they are a deeper treatment. But you do get such amazing results that it’s totally worth it!


Before I talk about microcoring, I want to talk briefly about microneedling. We heard at this meeting that studies have shown that if microneedling tips go past the dermal/epidermal junction there can be damage to melanocytes, causing hyperpigmentation of the skin. Compared to lasers, microneedling results are very underwhelming, and paired with the risk for pigmentation I personally don’t find them to be a great treatment overall.

Microcoring, on the other hand, is a treatment I am super excited for and think has amazing potential! I actually participated in the clinical trials for Ellacor, a microcoring device, years ago when they were first trialing it. I loved it then and I’m so excited to see how they have improved upon already amazing technology since the original clinical trials. Microcoring works by removing thousands of little punch biopsies from the skin, in a scar-free fashion, that gives you a true non-surgical face lift. It removes as much skin as a traditional facelift without the manipulation of underlying muscles and facial structure. It’s amazing!

Aveli cellulite treatment

Aveli is a targeted verifiable subcision treatment, similar to Cellfina, but better. This treatment cuts the tethering bands that connect the skin to underlying surfaces, which is what causes dimpled cellulite. So when you release these bands it smooths out the skin and reduces cellulite. We have this technology in Cellfina, but it was really difficult to use. Aveli will have aguiding light and a cannula, or probe, for subcision to make it easier and more precise for the doctor to use. The before and afters of this look super promising!

So there you have it! This is what the greatest minds in cosmetic dermatology are talking about right now. To hear more, and to see an Ellacor device in action, check out my YouTube video below! Like and subscribe while you’re there and join our derm fam on YouTube!

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