Why I recommend minimally invasive treatments BEFORE you go in for plastic surgery

Hi my beauties! Today I’m here to bust a myth, and be the voice of reason in a crowded landscape of varying professional opinions.

Today we’re talking about whether or not you should do minimally invasive treatments, like energy based devices or lasers, before getting plastic surgery.

You’ll often hear plastic surgeons online recommend against this. They say that it can impede results and promote scar tissue after surgery. I urge you to take this advice with a grain of salt - surgeons want to operate, and they often want to steer you away from surgery in any way, and this includes steering you away from minimally invasive treatments.

However, there are circumstances where if you get an energy based device treatment, or laser treatment, from someone who isn’t very experienced or doesn’t know how to fully customize the devices to your unique skin, then you may very well be doing more harm to you skin than good - and in this case yes, there can be adverse reactions to surgery following a poorly executed
minimally invasive procedure.

With that being said, I am a huge fan of doing lasers and minimally invasive treatments prior to, and after, plastic surgery. And here’s why: when you use these types of treatments you are stimulating your body’s own regenerative processes to increase collagen production and lead to more youthful skin.

And when you go into surgery, the younger your skin is the better. And this doesn’t simply mean the young you are the better, it means the younger your skin is, the better! You could be 60 years old, but with proper care of your skin throughout your life your skin could look 30 under the microscope! That’s what I mean by younger skin.

When younger skin is operated on you will see better looking results and longer lasting results. It’s easier for the surgeon to do a better job and you will reap benefits for years longer than you would if your skin was ‘weathered’ prior to surgery.

Remember beauties there usually isn’t a black or white answer to questions like these, it’s all in the nuances and how each treatment or surgery is performed, and who’s performing it.

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