Q &A VLOG – Dr. Stefani Kappel’s anti-aging routine

Two weeks ago, I posted a vlog exposing all of my anti-aging secrets. Since then, the video has received 100,000 views and thousands of comments. Some people don’t believe I’m 4 years away from my 50th birthday…

Some think my anti-aging efforts are over the top..

Some don't like how scientific my videos are…

But, most of you are supportive and kind and have amazingly insightful questions and comments. 

So in my most recent YouTube video, I take you through another day in my life and expose more secrets of the anti-aging/cosmetic industry, and as a special treat to my subscribers, I picked several of your questions from the comments to answer throughout the video. 

This video is for my beauties who love TRUTH and SCIENCE… if you haven’t seen it, head over to YouTube to watch now. 

My Exercise Regimen 

Daily exercise is of the utmost importance to me. Exercise has been proven to have anti aging effects and is something I never sacrifice, no matter how busy life gets. Most days, I’m up around 5 or 6 am and I cycle my routines between spin, barre Pilates, and weight lifting. 

Anti Aging Effects of Weight Lifting

The anti-aging effects of weight lifting are astounding. Weight lifting has a direct effect on longevity by way of hormone regulation. Countless studies have shown the positive effects of building and maintaining muscle as we age — I lift with my trainer a few times a week to maximize the benefits of muscle maintenance. 

Why I Don’t Run for Cardio 

While I love running, I am cautious about how often I do. For some, running can have the adverse effect of prematurely aging our faces, due to facial fat loss and the “pulling” of the the SMAS and ligaments. 


My Anti-Aging Diet

I always make it a priority to eat clean, even as a busy mom on the go. My diet includes lots of leafy greens and clean proteins. My favorite proteins are fish and chicken, and I stay away from dairy and red meat. 

Most days, I have a special anti-aging smoothie I call ‘oats, nuts, and berries’. The smoothie is packed full of nutrients, protein, and collagen peptides. See my first vlog on YouTube entitled “Anti-Aging Secrets: How I look YEARS younger in my late 40’s (a day in the life)” for the whole recipe. 

Intermittent Fasting for Anti Aging 

One of the most important elements of my anti-aging routine is intermittent fasting. Intermittent fasting (time restricting eating) has been shown to decrease cellular damage and promote DNA repair. 

These are two key factors in reversing/preventing aging, because damaged and inflamed cells can lead to diseases, while aging starts when DNA wears down. I generally follow a 16-8 fasting schedule. 

I always make it a priority to eat clean, even as a busy mom on the go. My diet includes lots of leafy greens and clean proteins. My favorite proteins are fish and chicken, and I stay away from dairy and red meat. 




Hair Regrowth Tips

One of my lovely subscribers asked for tips on hair regrowth. 

The cause of hair loss or hair thinning will vary from person to person, so my first suggestion is always to do your due diligence in figuring out the root cause of the changes to your hair. See your physician, get your labs done, and get as much information as you can regarding what is going on for you personally. 

When you have identified the root cause of your hair changes, there are several steps you can take for hair restoration. See my YouTube video for the in depth tips on this question. 

What Sunscreen do I use?

One of my favorite sunscreen lines is Color Science, but there are many good brands out there if you know what to look for. 

While I am not a fan of chemical sunscreens for many reasons, there are plenty of great mineral sunscreen options. 

To learn the difference between chemical and mineral sunscreens, see my corresponding video on YouTube where I break down the science of sunscreens and how to pick the best one for you! 

How Do you Maintain the Skin on Your Body?

My trick for maintaining the skin on my arms, legs, and abdomen is a mixture of Cetaphil cream and .05% tretinoin. Mix a dime sized amount of tretinoin with a palm of Cetaphil and apply to the areas needing attention. 

My Thoughts on Chemical Peels

One subscriber asked about chemical peels and I will say, I love chemical peels! However, I do believe lasers are more potent for treating skin texture and tone.

The treatment you choose may be based on several factors including cost and provider availability. Because proficient laser providers are harder to find, chemical peels may be the best option for you!

For more details and tips on this question, see the YouTube video!

Estrogen Cream for Face

This question has been a popular one, so make sure to see the video for the in depth information I covered on this topic! 

To summarize, estrogen cream may not be the miracle anti-aging treatment it has been rumored to be, and any hormone replacement should be discussed with your doctor and closely monitored due to the potential negative side effects. 


I hope you enjoy this week's blog and day in the life video! 

Stay beautiful!


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