Treatments for under eye bags that actually work!

It’s no secret that as we age our body starts to change, and the under eye area is no exception to this. So let’s talk a little bit about how the under eyes change as we move through life and what we can do to reverse these changes in a way that works and looks natural for years to come.

What causes under eye bags?

While under eye bags can simply be caused by someone’s general anatomy, a lot of us notice changes in our under eye and develop bags there when we didn’t previously have them. This change is due to a number of physiological changes that happen as we age such as loss of volume in the fat pad and degeneration of the orbital bone to name a few. These changes can end up leading to a more sunken look or those under eye bags that so many of us experience.

Treatment options

When finding a solution that works for you, it’s best to explore both surgical and more non-invasive treatments.

A more ‘old-school’ approach to treating under eye bags is to have the fat pad surgically removed. This is a pretty outdated approach as it can lead to a number of different issues, and a generally undesirable ‘sunken’ look. The more modern surgical method actually takes the fat pad and repositions it under the eye to give a more youthful appearance that most patients are very happy with.

But what if you don’t want to get surgery? There are non-invasive options for you too! You can opt for under eye filler, tightening devices, or a combination of both. In my practice I like to use tightening devices like fraxel or thermage. I find that these give a great result without the invasive nature of surgery.

I will also often combine tightening devices with the use of fillers to really customize and tailor the treatment to each patient’s needs. However, if you want to try under eye filler make sure to see a reputable and very experienced dermatologist as this is a high risk area to inject and you want to make sure whoever is doing your treatment is well versed and knows how to reverse a
complication if one should arise.

So there you go - if you’ve ever been told those under eye bags you developed are ‘just genetic’ and there’s no real solution to it I hope you feel hopeful in knowing that there are multiple different treatment options should you want to get rid of your baggage.

To learn more in depth about the treatment options watch my YouTube video below!

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